Classic Collection


Classic Almond Brittle (3oz)

Plump almonds slowly roast as the brittle cooks, making this heart-healthy nut as sweet as can be. Grab a handful or two…

Classic Cashew Brittle (3oz)

A mild brittle with cashews gently roasted to perfection. Each batch is carefully tended, bringing you pleasure with every bite.

Classic Peanut Brittle (3oz)

Voted everyone’s favorite! The wholesome goodness of peanuts veiled in a crispy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth nostalgic experience. One nibble will never do…the memory of this gourmet peanut brittle will linger long after the last bite.

Classic Pecan Brittle (3oz)

Pecan lovers unite. We picked the sweetest pecans we could find and enrobed them with our signature brittle. You will not be disappointed in this classic confectionery.

Olde English Toffee (3oz)

Hand crafted, rich, buttery goodness layered in fine chocolate and roasted almonds. Just what you expected.
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Our Original Brittle & Toffee

  • (Total 5 Units)
  • Classic Almond Brittle (*ND)
  • Classic Cashew Brittle (*ND)
  • Classic Peanut Brittle (*ND)
  • Classic Pecan Brittle (*ND)
  • Olde English Toffee


All Products are Egg and Gluten Free!

(*ND) = No Dairy
(*NN) = No Nuts
= Spicy!

Each individually wrapped unit contains approximately 3 ounces of delightful bites!