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1 x Cinnamon Pecan Brittle (3oz)

With just a hint of cinnamon, you can enjoy that holiday feeling year ‘round. This must-have brittle gets a “wow” every time.

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1 x Coconut Cashew Brittle (3oz)

Calling all coconut lovers. Maybe we should call it Pina Colada brittle, it’s just that yummy! Experience it for yourself.

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1 x Decadent Dark Chocolate Peanut Brittle (3oz)

For the chocolate lover, experience this decadence in a gourmet peanut brittle.

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1 x Olde English Toffee (3oz)

Hand crafted, rich, buttery goodness layered in fine chocolate and roasted almonds. Just what you expected.

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1 x Sea Salt Peanut (3oz)

Description: "Twist up your taste buds with all the sea salt on our classic peanut brittle."

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Our Five Bestsellers

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  • Cinnamon Pecan (*ND)
  • Coconut Cashew (*ND)
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut (*ND)
  • Olde English Toffee
  • Sea Salt Peanut (*NDF)


All Products are Egg and Gluten Free!

(*ND) = No Dairy
(*NN) = No Nuts
= Spicy!

Each individually wrapped unit contains approximately 3 ounces of delightful bites!