"This is the lightest brittle I have ever tasted."

Hope, Fountain Hills, AZ

"No one makes peanut brittle like Deborah."

Don, Spruce Grove, AB

"I just wanted to let you know we received our vegan brittle, and we can’t get over the fact that it has no butter in it. How do you do it? My husband cannot have dairy or gluten, so we are excited to have found a dairy and gluten-free dessert that he can have. We will be life-long customers!"

Rose, Seattle, WA

"Mom, I want some more toffee…"

Cameron, Calgary, AB

"This hurts me to tell you this, but I have made brittle for over 16 years, and mine has never turned out this good. Yours is absolutely the best!"

Dennis, Wisconsin

"The Cayenne Pecan is hot enough to bug my eyes out! My favorite is the toffee."

Tremaine, Avondale, AZ (9 yrs old)

"When I first heard of ‘Cayenne Pecan’ brittle, I ALREADY had my ‘favorites’. These were the traditional ‘peanut’ and the fabulous ‘almond’ brittle that DD’s produces …

"I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm, what could possibly top that toasty almondy goodness I love?’ WOW! I was not prepared for the buttery flavor of the pecans the ‘just right’ kick of heat, nor, how TOTALLY ADDICTING THIS BRITTLE IS! It’s a good thing my husband’s favorite is the Cinnamon Pecan otherwise we would have ‘issues’, if you know what I mean.

"I gave some Cayenne Pecan to my ‘Chef’ brother who is (by his own admission) a picky ‘Food Snob’. As he examined the brittle I said, ‘I know what you’re thinking … just taste it’. He soon afterward, ordered over $40.00 of it to ship to all his friends …

"I might add that it takes great restraint for both of us not to consume an entire bag in one sitting. You are FOREWARNED, you better buy at least TWO!"

Mary Jo, Fresno, CA